My Current Natural Skincare Routine

Hello everyone ! Hope you are all doing well :)

This week I'm talking you through my current skincare routine using beautiful products from the brand Mokosh. I have recently done some content work for them and so these products were gifted, however I truly love this brand and their skincare and have purchased from them as well.

Before I dive into how to use these products and the routine I've been following, I thought I'd just let you know that I have also made this available in video format - for those of you that prefer to watch rather than read. You can find the link to this below

Mokosh is of course a non toxic brand, and all of the botanicals used in their products are certified organic, this is also an Australian company and the philosophy behind the products is something I really love.

The skincare is formulated without any extra ingredients, such as emulsifiers, harmful preservatives and diluters such as water. Each product is simple, but incredible effective, and I love the idea of less is best and sticking with the basics for skincare; much like we do for health and wellness in general.
I will leave the Mokosh about page here, so you can read more on their story and philosophies.

Now for my skincare routine:

In the video I showed what I do of a morning before applying sunscreen and makeup - however this routine is what I use at night time as well, I just use the first step twice in order to remove my makeup!

 step one: Cleanse and nourish.
To remove makeup or simply cleanse and add nourishment back to the skin I use the cleansing oil and makeup remover. This contains pumkin seed, Baoab, and jojoba as it's main ingredients, as well as sesame and sunflower oils and rosemary leaf extract.
For removing makeup you can apply some oil to the face and remove using a wash cloth. Then apply again (or alone if not wearing makeup) with your hands for general cleansing and massage into the skin for around three minutes. Remove using a warm washcloth
step two: extra cleanse & gentle exfoliation.
For this I have been using the Facial cleanser, exfoliator and mask. This is a blend of oat flour, aloe vera, matcha green tea, meadowsweet, coconut fruit powder, as well as rose, calendula, tulsi, pomegranate and wheatgrass powders.
To apply mix about a half tablespoon with a little water to make a paste. You can do this in a small bowl like I did or even in the palm of your hand as you really don't need much. Spread over the face and then massage in for exfoliation, or leave the mask to set for around 15 minutes before removing. I like to remove again with a washcloth but you can just rinse with warm water. 
step three: tone and refresh
The hydrosol toner is used for this step, with damash rose, and lemonbalm. This helps to calm your skin after cleansing and exfoliating. By using hydrosols rather than a harsh toner (ie with hazel or something very astringent) this actually helps to balance the pH and sebum levels, which means you are helping to prevent acne or breakouts
To apply simply spritz over the face neck. ( no need for cotton pads! )
step four: serum
At the moment I have been using the raspberry and pomegranate beauty serum. With the main ingredients of camellia, avocado and sea buckthorn. This serum is full of antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins. Helping to nourish the skin on a deeper level, and promote glowing and radiant skin. 
To apply, drop three or four drops onto your hands and press or pat into the skin. ( this would also work really well with a guasha or jade roller for when you have the extra time ! )
step five: moisturise
The last step for the face skincare regime is of course to moisturise ! For this I have been using the rich face cream, with pomegranate, neem and hemp. With its essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants this cream helps to repair and build your skin cell membranes.
To apply take only a half pea sized amount (yes that's really all you need !) warm a little in your hands and again pat into the skin.
step six: for the body
Every night after my skincare routine I always make sure to moisturise my hands and have been especially loving the scent of the Frankincense and orange body cream. This contain jojoba, baobab and hemp and is incredibly nourishing. I also like to use this for the rest of my body after a shower, applied to slightly damp skin so it can spread easily and absorb well. 
And thats it ! I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and or youtube video - if you did you can leave a comment or a like over on youtube. If you want to try any of the products mentioned I've left a list with links down below.