11 Morning Rituals to Start Your Day in Wellness

As someone who is obsessed with routines, rituals and habits - even more so regarding the morning, I love to find new ideas and inspiration for when I want to change up my routine. This change generally happens when the seasons change, and getting out of bed in winter becomes a bit of a task.

This is why I have created this post, all about what I am currently doing in the morning to have a successful and productive day. These morning habits are not in any specific order, and you can do as many or as little of them as you like. I hope you can find some new ideas to include into your own morning routine, or perhaps just some motivation to get yourself out of bed on those cold winter mornings.

So what are my  11 Morning Habits for Success? 

1. Wake up Early -Although its cold and dark in the mornings ( If you're in Australia ), I still think its important to wake up early so that you can actually have a morning routine, without feeling rushed and anxious before you even leave the house. If you work from home / don't have to leave the house at a certain time I still think its the best way to have a productive day - otherwise your morning routine could take you to 12 pm and then you're feeling like its time to have lunch and then you have to clean up and then you do have to leave the house for something and suddenly its 5 pm and you haven't got any of the work done you planned..

Waking up early and giving yourself a set amount of hours ( mine is 3 at the moment ) to do all of the things that have to get done, plus the things you do for your own enjoyment, before starting your work day makes you feel like you have already accomplished a lot, and if you're doing positive things for yourself ( Like my next.. habits ) also makes you feel great!

2. Yoga / a form of exercise

3. Meditate - try just doing 5 minute meditations ( or even just 2 minutes if you really cant sit still ! )

4. Journal, Plan, Be Grateful - whether you use a bullet journal for all three things in the one place or have a separet journal for each, taking the time to do each of these thingswill help you get your priorities in order for the day, week, month - year!

5. Drink all the water - try drinking a glass before your coffee to rehydrate and wake up your cells, it will make you feel more alive than the caffeine !

6. Read something motivational - or just a high vibe book

7. Practice using your intuition ( currently doing this with tarot readings ! )

8. No phone for the first hour of your day ( no technology at all if you can )

9. Use your creative side - write, draw, read poetry

10. Practice self love - this can be as simple as taking the time do your skincare routine properly, pciking out a nice outfit that makes you feel confident, saying affirmations etc

11. Aromatherapy - spritz yourself, your yoga mat, turn on a diffuser, light a candle or all of the above; whatever your preffered method - get some essential oil goodness into your morning !

Although todays post is super short I am hoping that you were able to get something out of it - let me know in the comments your own morning habits for a successful day, and if you're going to incorporate any of these suggestions ! Would love to hear your feedback on this post and anything you would like to see from me in the future.



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