Holistic Night Routine

I probably should of posted this before my morning routine; because by doing all of these thing the night before is what allows me to have, a morning routine, and a productive day. However I’m posting it now, so if you haven't read my morning routine thats good.. You can read this first and then head on over to check it out. Link is here for anyone that's interested :)

My night time routine begins at around 5 pm - I usually try to stop whatever it is I’m doing around this time so that I can unwind from my day and spend time with my partner. The first thing I like to do is pack up whatever I’m working on - study notes, revision cue cards, taking photos for my Instagram ( @ Lavender & Co Botanicals ) or writing a bog post. Then I like to do a quick 20 - 30 minute clean of the house, depending on the day and what Ive been doing; sometimes Ill vacuum everything, wipe all the surfaces, some days I check the bathrooms are clean, the spare bedrooms are clean etc. In this time I also just put away anything that I’ve neglected to do during the day (ie. my yoga mat, washing thats been drying, coffee mugs that have accumulated etc.)

Once I feel like the house is back in some sort of order I’ll take some time to relax - whether I’m drinking a tea and reading a book, watching an inspiring video on YouTube and drinking a kombucha or just hanging out on our deck soaking up the last bit of sunshine.

At around 6 o’clock we try to start doing dinner, which generally takes around an hour of prep time, cooking and eating all up. After dinner I like to again, clean up the kitchen and ensure everything is in its place and clean and tidy - I’ll sweep the floor if theres food dropped ( which there always is ), do the dishes, wipe benches, stove top, oven, cupboards etc. Cleaning in my night time routine is important to me because I need my space to feel nice in order for me to want to get up and start my day tomorrow - theres nothing worse than waking up to a dirty kitchen or coming to your desk pilled with yesterdays work.

After this it’s time to organise the next day - around this time I like to light candles to get rid of any cooking smells ( I’m just addicted to candles in general though - but only if they are non toxic! ) and help to set a calming and peaceful mood. To organise my day I; 1. bullet journal and figure out my to do list 2. Calendar block out my day ( just discovered this recently from @Amy Landino's Youtube ) and if its a uni day I prepare my lunch, book bag, and clothes I'm going to wear ( the less amount of things you have to think about in the morning, the better ) I also get out my yoga clothes and put them on my desk so that before I can sit down I have to put them on - I make sure my mat is right there as well, fill my litre drink bottle up, make sure my phone alarm is set and the volume is up, put it on charge in the kitchen ( also on aeroplane mode so there are no disturbances in the night) and then head off to bed. I put the phone in the kitchen so when the alarm goes off at 5 am I am forced to get out of bed to turn it off - putting it in my bathroom was not far enough away from my bed for me to resist crawling back in.. so I  have had to put it in the kitchen, and by the time I've walked out there to turn it off , Ive seen my yoga clothes and y mat and I just start my day. By this time its usually around 8:30 - 9:00 o’clock. Before I actually go to sleep I’ll mark off my habit tracker in my bullet journal ( colouring in those squares is the most satisfying thing ) fill out my gratitude log for the day, and check off everything I accomplished. If its before 9:30 we might watch an episode of something ( currently watching Salem ) or read a chapter of my book ( currently reading change your mind, change your health ) and then go to sleep around 9:30 - 10:00 so that I can wake up at 5 am the next day. 

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and it's given you some helpful tips or ideas on things you can incorporate into your own night time routine. If you liked this post let me know in the comments down below and if you try and of these habits and they work for you please also let me know !

xx Sarah


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