Easy Ways to Use Herbs Daily

Herbs are something I love to use for the maintenance of my health and wellbeing. Much like the rest of nature's gifts they are filled with beneficial constituents - like those free radical fighting antioxidants everyone needs more of!

If you've never had herbal medicine in it's tincture form, and are perhaps a little weary of the taste of these - ( or if you have tasted a tincture and were not impressed ) this post is perfect for you. There are many other ways we can experience herbal medicine's benefits. Today I'm sharing with you some of my favourite, most used and super easy ways to incorporate herbs into your daily life.

1. Add cinnamon to your coffee grounds.

Whether you use a coffee plunger, moca pot or a machine - if you use ground coffee you can add cinnamon to it. I use about a teaspoon, and mix through the grounds not your actual coffee as cinnamon will not dissolve! Cinnamon may help reduce sugar cravings, it contains antioxidants (as mentioned before these are needed to protect the body from free radical damage), it's also an anti inflammatory and can help with digestion. 

2. Incorporate more fresh and dried herbs into your snacks and meals.

This is something most of you probably do already - but see if you can add them to more than just pasta or indian dishes. Think salad dressings, smoothies, oatmeal, bliss balls (powdered herbs are great for this ), cakes or other baking treats (think decorative edible herbs like chamomile, lavender etc). If you'd like something more convenient, try infusing your culinary herbs into olive oil for later use. Simply gather your desired herbs - something like rosemary, sage, oregano, and parsley works well; dry them out completely (hang upside down somewhere dark for a couple of days) and then add to your oil. Let them infuse in the oil for at least 2 weeks, shaking when you remember, then strain out the herbs and store the oil in an airtight bottle.


3. Herbal teas.

Of course I had to mention this, and it really is my favourite way of including herbs into my daily self care. I have a range of herbal teas available to shop if you'd like to try something new. However, even black, green or white tea falls into this category. The herb Camellia sinensis is used for all three of these teas - the colouring of it just depends on how its processed. Camellia contains flavonoids (those antioxidant rich constituents), and is thought to be cardioprotective, astringent, and a stimulant. If you prefer something a little sweeter - try chai blends, which contain a large array of herbs with all sorts of benefits.

4. Herbal Baths

Much like a herbal tea, though you want be drinking the benefits. Since our skin absorbs everything we put into contact with it, you will still be using herbal medicine. Along side this, if you use aromatic / volatile oil containing herbs - the ones that smell really nice, you will also get the benefits through aromatherapy. Our Calm tea is a perfect blend for the bath, simply add a couple of teaspoons to a muslin cloth bag (so that the herbs don't go down the drain at the end) and pop into the bath. You could also add Himalayan salt, or oats for a skin soothing effect.


you can of course enjoy herbs tinctured if you’re wanting a more potent medicine, but these are all great ways to benefit from herbal medicine on a daily basis. I hope you enjoyed this little post and if you have any favourite ways to use herbs leave a comment below !


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