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If you follow my Instagram ( @ LavenderandcoBotanicals ) you will have seen in a few of my recent posts pictures of Mokosh skincare - and I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I'll be doing a proper post on them, so here it is ( finally ). I did wait a month before writing a review as I feel like this is a good amount of time to see the differences the products made on my skin. 

Ps. all products featured in this post are linked down below !

Now before I go on to talk about the skincare brand itself and the products I’ve been using - I just wanted to say that I am a believer in beauty beginning within. As a future naturopath and someone who is interested in health and wellness I know that the foods I eat, whether I choose to exercise, and drink enough water, my stress levels, and a whole range of outside things - are going to effect my skin. So when you’re trying out a new skincare regime just be mindful of these other things and ensure you’re taking care of your internal health before trying to ‘ fix ‘ skin issues from the outside with products.

I will also say - in terms of diet, I do like to be mindful in what I’m eating and try to eat healthy and nourishing meals most days. However I’m certainly not one to restrict, and if I feel like having an ice cream, or some chocolate or any other treats I feel like I want, I will have them. Generally speaking I don't do this everyday but I do love my snacks and pretty much always allow myself to have them. . I just eat what I feel like my body needs at that time, and when I have a treat or two I don't expect my skin to stay perfect. I Just thought I would mention this as it is a holistic review and I think diet definitely plays an important part in the health of our skin.

Lastly, before getting onto the skincare review itself, I did want to mention my own skin history / constitution, for anyone who was thinking about getting some of these products for themselves.

Since I was a teenager my skin has always been a struggle of mine, I had acne and its something I was dealing with until quite recently, when I started exercising more frequently and drinking a lot more water.  However my skin is really quite dry - I have to be careful with what products I use or I get that feeling of tightness and pulling on my face which is a horrible feeling. 

Now for the skincare itself; what this post is really all about - the gorgeous, and luxurious products from Mokosh: This post is in collaboration with them, and I was gifted the products, which is why I have waited a while and really tested them out before giving my review.

Honestly I love everything about this brand, from their 100 % raw ingredients ( all of which are certified organic ) - You can actually see some of the ingredients, such as the small bits of oats in their face wash / mask ! That they are formulated without preservatives, emulsifiers / any synthetic ingredients, And that they use Ayurvedic inspired formulations in order to work with the skins regenerative processes. Their products are also all vegan, cruelty free, and palm oil free. Their packaging is also stunning, and is recyclable ! And they're made in Australia !

The products themselves are unlike anything else I have used - especially the facial cleanser ! Using these products made me love my skin care routine so much more as it feels like a little pampering ritual every time I complete it.

How I used the products: Mokosh kindly gifted me their starter pack which includes a facial cleanser, elderberry and chia seed beauty serum, and their pure hydrosol toner.

Every morning I have been using the facial cleanser, which is also a gentle exfoliator and can be used as a mask. This comes in a powder form and you pop some into a small bowl and mix with a little water. I’ve been using this as a mask most days, just not letting it completely dry. So I’ll put this on and then make my bed, tidy up and do whatever else I can for around ten minutes. Then I wash it off with warm water, patting my face dry. After this I spritz my face with the hydrosol toner - This is also a great product to have in your handbag for a freshen up when out and about ! Lastly I simply applied the beauty serum all over my face and onto my neck and chest. From here I would just go about my normal makeup routine. At night I do the same, but take my makeup off with makeup remover / cleanser first.


This skincare is so luxurious, but also amazing for your skin. You have peace of mind knowing its got no nasties , and is also not harming our environment. After each use my skin feels so soft, refreshed and rejuvenated, but also clean and nourished. The cleanser is not drying and yet it does such an incredible job of exfoliating and getting rid of any extra makeup and dirt from the day. I never get the tight uncomfortable feeling - my skin actually feels soft and almost moisturised after using it. The hydrosol toner helps to even skin tone and also prep the skin for your serums and moisturisers. Their elderly and chia seed beauty serum is beautiful, leaving the skin looking dewy and feeling very hydrated. I feel as though this has also been helping with my overall complexion and skin tone. After applying you can go straight to makeup or apply sunscreen and more moisturiser, or if its at night just leave it at the serum.

Before trying Mokosh my skin was recovering from a few breakouts and was a bit red and angry looking. Ive been using Mokosh for about a month now my skin is so much calmer and when I have a breakout ( from eating too many snacks ) it never gets to that sore stage but simply fades away. The scarring I had from previous acne has also faded quite a lot, and my overall complexion looks a lot more even and bright.

I would highly recommitted anyone looking for a luxury skincare brand, to try Mokosh. Not only are you getting luxury products, but they’re also good for you and the environment. Once you try them you wont want to substitute for anything else. I would love to try out more of the Mokosh range and would definitely purchase myself and for others as a gift ( they have lovely gift packs  like this if you need some help ! )

xx Sarah

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