End of the Month Rituals

At the end of each month I like to take some time to reflect, and see what I have accomplished; but also evaluate why I may not have done some of the things I wanted to. As we now head into the third month of the year I think its time we really start honing in on those goals we set back in January, and keep ourselves accountable for the actions we take daily. This is why I think reflection is important, but also planning for the month that lies ahead. So in todays post I'm going to share with you all the things I do in order to reflect, reassess, and prepare myself for the new cycle! - if you'd rather not read this entire post, scroll to the bottom for dot point form of the four things.

First of all, clean. If you're anything like me then your house is most likely always clean, but at the end of one month I like to ensure that everything is extra fresh ! Do the things that you've been putting off like scrubbing the bath tub, wiping out draws, decluttering that one cupboard you just throw random things into.. Just do a total reset of your space so that you feel organised, clean and ready to go ! I think I've talked about this before but for me, my space really dictates how I'm feeling. If it's messy my brain feels like it cant focus on one task and I just get distracted and agitated and end up procrastinating the entire day. So clean your space, and your mind will feel clear and focussed. After physically cleaning I also love to do a spiritual / energy cleanse just using a smudge stick. ( sage bundles or palo santo are my favourites ) This just helps to get any negative feelings and energy out of your home and of yourself. Simply swirl it around yourself with the intention of cleansing, and bringing in positive energy. Go into every room of your home with the same intent just waving the smoke around - open up windows to let air flow through as well.

Once everything is deep cleaned and I feel content with my space I like to ' clean ' out my bullet journal. By this I mean going through the month just gone and looking at at the things I used regularly, to the things I didn't use at all. For example I'm not very good at filling out a daily gratitude log because I'd rather just think of the things - although writing it down is nice this is just a waste of space and time for me to set up a whole page that I'm not going to even use.. If you have a bullet journal you will know what I mean already - and if you don't you should Pinterest it because it is a life changing way of organising your life..

After looking through and seeing what worked and what didn't in terms of my physical planner, I also do the same for my actual goals. What have I achieved this month ? What have I not achieved ? Why not? What do I want to let go of for the new month and rest of the year ? Are there any new habits I would like to incorporate ? How are my yearly goals going - what do I need to implement into my life in order to continue ticking off these goals and getting the things done that I want to ? Once I've though about all these sort of questions and really evaluated the areas of my life that I need to improve, but also congratulated myself on the things that I've done well; I start setting up for the new month.

If you haven't already gathered I'm a massive organisation and planning nerd, so I like to draw up  a tracker for all the habits thatI want to be doing for the month, write out the goals that will be achieved that month, and also any events and birthdays that I don't want to forget. Once you have this all laid out you will feel excited to start checking things off and doing all the habits and things you want to do ( or at least I do ). When I feel as though I've thoroughly organised and planned my life for the next four weeks I do some self care.

Put on a hair mask, a face mask, do your nails, take a bath, buy yourself a new crystal or plant, go get a massage, meditate for extra long, do another yoga session. -  Just do the things that will help you to feel refreshed and re-energised so that you; 1. can conquer all of the goals that you set for yourself, and 2. so you don't crash and burn in another week because you've been going non stop and not taken the time for yourself to recharge. We must make the time to do this for ourselves simply out of respect for our minds and bodies. If we don't take care of ourselves we cant expect to do all the things we do and be living our best lives.


Just as a little recap, heres the five things you should do at the end of each month, to be refreshed and successful in the next:

  1. Clean - physically, spiritually ( home, self, planner )
  2. Review the month just passed
  3. Organise the month ahead
  4. Self care, re-energise


I hope this post was inspiring and useful to you in your preparation for next month. Hope you all succeed in whatever your endeavours may be !



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