My Day to Night Skincare Routine

Last week I spoke about my thoughts on self care, the importance of implementing it daily rather than every so often; and that we can make the small, everyday things acts of self care. This week I'm taking you through one of my favourite self care rituals - my skincare routine.

To me having a skincare routine in and of itself is self care. Taking the time to figure out what your skin likes, doesn’t like and what works best for you is all part of this process. Your routine may change with the seasons, as you age, and with your lifestyle. If you don’t already have a set routine but would like to implement this self care habit into your life, here are some suggestions for what to include:

1. Cleanse ( there are many different types of cleansers, and what you for each of these steps will depend on your skin type and preferences: ie. gel cleansers, cream, oil based, foaming, balms plus more ! ) Personally I love to use either a cream or oils based cleanser. ( Click this link to see one of my favourites )

2. Tone: Toning the skin helps to tighten pores and remove any dirt and oil that may have been left on your skin after cleansing. If you use an oil or balm based cleanser this step can be good to get off the residue. Personally I love witch hazel, rose water or a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water for this step. ( Generally I only use a toner in the summer if I find my skin to be oily when I wake up - as they can be quite drying )

3. Serum / oil of your choice: For the day I like to use some sort of antioxidant serum - this can help to fight free radicals such as polluted air, UV rays, and other environmental toxins you may encounter throughout your day. A few products I personally use can be found here and here.

4. Eye cream: If you are under 20 you can skin this step, but otherwise using an eye cream can be beneficial to prevent the skin from thinning, sagging and also to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. ( Click here to see what I’m currently loving )

5. Spot treatment: Apply to any blemishes you have. If you don’t have a specific product for this, something I like to use is an essential oil diluted with a bit of water - spray onto your clean finger and apply where needed.

6. Moisturiser: Even if you think you have enough hydration on your face after applying a serum and eye cream, using a moisturiser will help to ‘lock in’ everything you have just done. If you did apply an acne / spot treatment you may want to avoid those areas so as not to spread the treatment, or interfere with it’s active ingredients.

7. Sunscreen: If you have sunscreen in your makeup, or the moisturiser you just applied you can skin this step. If not, sunscreen is essential for protecting the skin against the suns UVA and UVB rays. Using a physical sunscreen containing zinc will work best at the end of your skincare regime. Some natural sunscreen options can be found here and here.


Similar to your day routine - but you may want to swap in or out a few products such as the serum you use, whether you do a treatment and your moisturiser.

  1. Double cleanse: Similar to in the morning, but you want to cleanse twice - once to remove your makeup, sunscreen and other products you’ve had on your skin all day and the second time to actually cleanse your skin. If you have multiple cleansers this can be a good time to use them. You may also want to exfoliate your skin at this point, if you think your skin is looking flaky, dull or ‘patchy’.

2. Tone ( if you think your skin needs it)

3. Eye cream

4. Treatments: serums, pads, creams, oils.

5. Mask: What you use here will depend on your skin type, the weather and what your skin is currently looking like it needs a moisture boost, or perhaps a clay mask to help clear acne.

6. Moisturise. Ensure you use a night time moisturiser and not the same product you used in the day, as these are typically thicker and have properties like anti ageing, plumping, night repairing etc. You can find one of my favourites here.

What you choose to include in your skincare routine does not matter - it is the practice of implementing this day and night that is self care. Taking this time for yourself, to look after your skin and care for it properly is self care.

If you already have your skincare routine down pat, and it is already a non negotiable for you - well done ! To make it feel extra self-care like, you can incorporate products that make you feel like you’re at a spa - with beautiful aromas and calming sensations. You could also read affirmations to yourself whilst you complete your skincare rituals, which happen to work best when read aloud in front of a mirror. You can light a candle, put on dreamy music and really take your time to let each product sink deep into your skin and provide you with it’s full benefits. Or just keep doing what you’re doing and know that it is self care. February 10, 2019

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