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The Gut Microbiome

Since the I've been speaking more about the gut microbiome and how we can help look after this area of health, I thought it would be useful to write a little 'overview' post talking you through what the gut microbiome actually is, and what some of it's functions are. Now when someone mentions the word microbiome, they may not always be meaning in relation to the gut. There are many microbiomes within the human body - but for today I am focusing in on the one in our digestive system. DEFINING THE MICROBIOME & ITS FUNCTIONS: The word 'microbiome' refers to the collection of bacteria and their genetic material, in this case - the ones that live within your digestive...

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Eating for a Healthy Gut

The first few nutrients on this post are related to the integrity of the gut lining. This is very important to have and keep this in a healthy state, because if there is damage done to this lining many issues can arise from what is known as "leaky gut". I have spoken about potential symptoms you may be experiencing if this part of the body is not in good health in this blog post. The foods mentioned in the second half of this post should only be eaten once the lining and general integrity of your gastrointestinal system are first looked after - otherwise you may be doing more harm than good. If you would like some help in this...

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5 Herbs to Support Gut Health

While gut health is something many people associate with probiotics, the term bad bacteria and 'SIBO', there are other aspects we need to consider. For today's blog post I'm focusing in on 5 herbs that are useful in maintaining your gastrointestinal lining, rather than the bacterial side of things. Also, before we get started - if you're not into herbs, stay tuned for a post relating to foods that support this area! The integrity of your gut is important for many aspects of your health ( some may even say all aspects ) - why ? Because this lining is what we call a 'selective' barrier, allowing nutrients in to the blood stream, and waste products to be removed out and...

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