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Nutrients To Support Mental Health

Often times issues such as depression are thought of mainly in terms of a biochemical imbalance or emotional issues - but did you know the foods you eat play a huge role in determining the state of your mental health ? Eating patterns that occur when someone is depressed are much the same as they are PRE depression - these things include lack of appetite, meal skipping, cravings for sweet foods. Many people suffering from depression may be deficient in an array of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In this article I'm going to discuss a few of the most important nutrients, minerals etc - and give some examples of where you can source them in your diet. Please not...

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How Can a Naturopath Help With Stress & Anxiety ?

Stress is something we all have to cope with, and while some of us may be good at regulating our systems, others may need some help ( plus there is always room for improvement when it comes to stress management ). You may not think that a naturopath would be the first person to turn to when it comes to stress and anxiety,  but there are actually many aspects we can help with. Now depending on the severity of your anxiety (and what I mean by this is really how is it affecting you - are you able to function as normal or are you stuck in bed ?) will depend on whether a naturopath is the right practitioner for you....

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