Non Toxic Cleaning Products

If you've read any of my ritual blog posts you will know that I love having a clean home. Being in a space that is clutter free, organised and clean keeps you feeling healthy both mentally and spiritually - however there is no point keeping these aspects of yourself healthy, if you're putting your physical health at risk with harmful chemicals in your cleaning products.

In today's post I'm taking you back to a fundamental aspect of holistic living and naturopathic philosophy - that is to establish the foundations of health. We do this by removing obstacles ( as well as ensuring the main determinants of health are in order ). The obstacles I'm referring to today are those harmful chemicals in conventional cleaning products. The majority of conventional cleaning products have known carcinogens in them, and while they may only be small amounts, these are products we use every single day. 

These cleaning products are also being washed down the drain, toilet, and pipes of your washing machine and dishwasher - out into the world. These conventional products harm not only us but also our environment in the way that they are produced and with all the chemicals they contain.

So today I'm sharing with you some alternative cleaning products, that are friendly for both you and the environment. I'll start this post with products you can find in your closest woolworths, and end with some home made recipes and items you may already have in the home !

Eco friendly and toxin free brand highlights:

1. Earth Choice.

This line of cleaning products comes from the brand Natures Organics, which is an Australian company that provides products that are:

Grey water / septic safe, cruelty free, vegan, use plant based formulas, contain no petrochemicals, no ammonia and no chloride. I support this company not only for their non toxic products, but also for their environmental initiatives. Natures organics is largely powered by sustainable solar system energy, they use recycled plastics for the plastic spray bottles, and recycled cardboard for their boxed products. Once finished with the product you can re use the plastic bottle for something else or simply recycle it again.

Products from Earths choice I currently use: their glass surface and window cleaner, the toilet cleaner, the wooden floor wash, the laundry powder, laundry pre wash powder, stain spray, and dishwashing tablets.

you can shop the collection of cleaning products here.

2. eco store

Another great brand for non toxic cleaning products, as well as personal care products. For me there seems to be more of the personal care products and less of the cleaning line in my supermarkets, which is why I use more of the Earth Choice ones.

This brand is also cruelty free, packages in recycled or recyclable materials, uses sustainably sourced plant and mineral based ingredients ( free from petrochemicals ), has labels that contain a full list of ingredients ( which in Australia and NZ is not a mandatory requirement ), and prioritises the health of it's users.

eco store also provides bulk options when shopping online, so if you already have bottles you've re used, you can simply fill them up.

From this brand I mainly use their personal care products - like soap, toothpaste, hair care etc. but I have tried these cleaning products: Laundry powder, dishwashing tablets and dish liquid concentrate.

You can shop their entire range here

This next little section is a few of the home made cleaning products I have tried, love and use consistently. Most of the ingredients for these you may already have in your cupboard !

1. All purpose spray

Mix equal parts water and alcohol ( I use vodka ), and add 10 drops of your favourite essential oil. This is safe to use on any surface, and the alcohol and essential oils will disinfect the area.

2. Antibacterial spray

Do the same as above, and add in another 10 drops ( or substitute your other essential oil ) of tee tree essential oil. This is a powerful antibacterial and you can be sure that no bugs will be left behind.

3. De-greaser spray

After using a lemon, keep the peel in a glass jar with a lid in your fridge. Continue accumulating lemon peels as you use the lemons. Fill the jar of lemon peels with vinegar. Allow to sit for 7 - 14 days. When ready your vinegar will have turned yellow and will have a slight lemony scent. Use this spray on hard to clean surfaces such as stove tops. Don't use on stone or marble bench tops as the acid may effect the surface.

4. De-greaser soak

For the dishes, the pots, pans, trays, stove top burners, and the oven itself; combine 1 tablespoon baking soda to 1 cup of white vinegar, add boiling water. You can fill your sink with this mixture and soak your dishes or alternatively put in an oven safe dish and, sit in your oven with it on and allow to evaporate for easy oven cleaning. This mixture will create a chemical reaction and is a very tough de greaser ! It can be quite harsh on the skin so wear gloves if yours is sensitive.  

5. Carpet Freshener

Combine 1 cup of baking soda with 10 drops of your favourite essential oil ( mine is lavender ), allow the EO to soak in / dry. Sprinkle over your carpet, allowing to sit for at least 10 minutes. Vacuum as usual. If you'd like to store for later use get a glass jar with a lid, and fill using the same ratio. 

6. Floor wash

Fill your bucket with water as usual, and add 1/4 cup of castile soap to the mix. For antibacterial effects add in your 10 drops of tee tree oil, or simply your favourite essential oil.

7. Air freshener

If you've been cleaning your house with all these essential oils you more than likely do not need an air freshener, because your air will actually be fresh. However, if you'd like to give your home an extra fresh feel, and don't have an essential oil diffuser - simply put on a pot of boiling water and add in either your favourite essential oil - or an aromatic plant ( think lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc ) and allow to simmer away until all the essential oil has vaporised into the air. Alternatively you can add essential oils and water to a spray bottle and spritz around. 


I hope you enjoyed today's post and my easy cleaning recipes. If you use any yourself leave me a comment below, or tag me on instagram @lavenderandcobotanicals


Kindest always,