What is Self Care, Really?

 In this post I’m discussing what self care is to me - what the real meaning of the word is, and why I think it is important to practice self care daily.

Self care has become a word that is now used for marketing purposes, for catchy titles and for products or habits that are really not - self care. In the mayhem of our modern world it seems as though the true meaning of the word has become lost, and we find ourselves purchasing products, performing long and tedious routines, or feeling as though we must over indulge or spend lots of money in order to be doing ‘self care’ properly. So today, we are getting back to the basics, with a reminder of what self-care really is.

According to google dictionary self-care is ‘the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health’. OR ‘The practice of taking an active role in protecting ones own wellbeing and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.’

To me it is the everyday things, the small things, the things that we do ‘to preserve or improve’ our health that are indeed self-care if we bring our intention, and attention to them. These simple, everyday acts ( ie. brushing teeth, hair, getting dressed, doing makeup, eating, consuming in general; etc. ) are how we really show ourselves that we care, and by bringing your attention to them you ensure they are indeed acts of self-care and not sabotage. What I mean by intent is really just your internal thoughts - what are you thinking as you do each of these tasks - is your to do list running through your head, are you having negative thoughts about your self image, are you convincing yourself that you are undeserving of the time it takes to make a healthy breakfast ? What is going on in your head whilst performing these tasks ? If you think of each of these every day things as caring for yourself - then that is what they are. The same is true for whatever else you think.

SO what I’m saying here, is that it’s not particularly about what you do but more about the thoughts you have whilst you ‘do’. Self care does not have to be some grand, hour long, instagram worthy, ritual ( Although it can be if that’s your thing ) self-care is something to be practiced everyday, so if long rituals and routines are not something you can fit into your schedule, then just bring your intent to the everyday tasks. I definitely don’t want to discourage anyone from doing those amazing long ritualistic self-care sessions - because I love those as well ! All I’m saying is to ensure that caring for yourself is apart of your every day routine.

I think it’s important to include self care into your daily routine because if we don’t fill up our own ‘cup’ first - then how can we fill up the cups of others, or simply perform the work that we need to ?


Kindest always,