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003. Ceremonial Cacao

In todays episode I take you through how I've been preparing ceremonial cacao recently. If you haven't heard of ceremonial cacao before please note this is not simply hot chocolate. Cacao is the raw and pure form of 'chocolate' - it does not contain sugar or other additives.     Ceremonial cacao is made by first fermenting the cacao beans, then slowly roasting them on a low temperature before grinding the beans into a paste. This hardened paste is what you will receive when you purchase Ceremonial cacao. What makes it ceremonial is the intention and ritual put into preparing the beans themselves - and you yourself preparing the cacao.There are several benefits of cacao - including improved circulation and blood...

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002. Berry Infused Kombucha

Welcome to the second addition to The Lavender Kitchen. In this episode I was joined by my lovely friend and colleague Evie (@evieryan.naturopathy on instagram), who showed us her process for making Kombucha at home. You can find the video linked below - or read on for a simple step by step recipe.     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sarah | Naturopathic Health (@lavenderandcobotanicals) on Oct 7, 2020 at 9:39pm PDT       Kombucha made from home is a a great source of probiotics - that is beneficial bacteria ! Having a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut is important for a number of functions - including the health of your intestinal...

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001. Glowing Skin Tincture

  View this post on Instagram Hello and welcome to my new series - the Lavender Kitchen ! Here I will be sharing with you weekly recipes, both herbal and nutritional, in these little IGTVs The videos will also be available to view on with their accompanying recipe posts ( you can head there via the link in my bio if you’d prefer to just read the recipe ) For this first episode I'm teaching you how to make your own botanical tincture at home. This recipe uses the herbs from my Glow tea, which are targeted towards healthy and glowing skin. If you enjoy the first episode please be sure to let me know by leaving a comment...

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