002. Berry Infused Kombucha

Welcome to the second addition to The Lavender Kitchen. In this episode I was joined by my lovely friend and colleague Evie (@evieryan.naturopathy on instagram), who showed us her process for making Kombucha at home.

You can find the video linked below - or read on for a simple step by step recipe.






Kombucha made from home is a a great source of probiotics - that is beneficial bacteria ! Having a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut is important for a number of functions - including the health of your intestinal lining, immune function, and even mental health. You can read more about the gut microbiome over on this post here; or continue scrolling for the Kombucha recipe.




The Lavender Kitchen: kombucha recipe






1 x scoby (source from a friend or health food shop may have a kombucha kit)

1 x cup raw / white sugar

3 x black tea bags

750 ml boiled water

2  x jars ( around 1 litre ea/ )

1 x cup of mixed berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)


paper towel

elastic band



1. Ensure jars are cleaned / sterilised before beginning ( run through the dishwasher )

2. Make the tea - use all three tea bags and pour hot water into your first jar

3. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the berries and allow to infuse and the water to cool to room temperature. ( you can place in the fridge to cool quicker )

4. Strain the berries and remove the tea bags from the liquid

5. Add to the fresh jar. Carefully pop in the scoby

6. place a sheet of paper towel over the lid of the jar and secure with elastic to ensure no dust / contaminants get into the Kombucha

7. Place on the kitchen bench and sit for 7 - 10 days to allow fermentation ( or to taste ) 

8. remove the scoby (place in its own small jar of water until you use again) strain the kombucha if desired to remove any sediment in the bottom. Pour kombucha into a bottle with a tight lid ( re purpose a glass jar ) Store in the fridge.

9. Enjoy no more than 200 ml per day ( 1 / 4 cup a day if having every day ). 

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks Lavender Kitchen episode ! Let me know if you tried this recipe and be sure you head over to Evie's instagram and follow her for more Naturopathic content.

Kindest always,

Sarah x

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