003. Ceremonial Cacao

In todays episode I take you through how I've been preparing ceremonial cacao recently. If you haven't heard of ceremonial cacao before please note this is not simply hot chocolate. Cacao is the raw and pure form of 'chocolate' - it does not contain sugar or other additives.


ceremonial cacao


Ceremonial cacao is made by first fermenting the cacao beans, then slowly roasting them on a low temperature before grinding the beans into a paste. This hardened paste is what you will receive when you purchase Ceremonial cacao. What makes it ceremonial is the intention and ritual put into preparing the beans themselves - and you yourself preparing the cacao.

There are several benefits of cacao - including improved circulation and blood flow due to the alkaloid Theobromine within. It is also said to help open the heart chakra, help with creativity, inspiration and also to deepen your meditative state.

Below you can find the video for this recipe - and further on step by step instructions for how I like to prepare the cacao.




small cup

small saucepan / pot

chopping board

knife and stirring spoon

1/2 cup - full cup plant milk of choice

30 grams ceremonial cacao

edible flowers to top (optional) 

tsp maple syrup to sweeten (optional / if desired)

smudge stick

optional: once you've tried the plain ceremonial cacao - you can add in additional spices and herbs. Try cinnamon and cardamon for a warming brew, or powdered mushrooms for an adaptogenic touch. 



1. Before doing anything think about what you would like to do with the Ceremonial cacao - if you're using for meditation prepare your area, if you're wanting to create have everything set up for you to do so etc.

2. If you're wanting to create a ceremony for yourself, think about cleansing your space before you begin - using sage or palo santo

3. Weight out your cacao and mindfully chop it up with your intention in mind

4. Pour your milk into the saucepan and heat over the stove. You want it to be hot to the touch but not boiling or simmering

5. Add the chopped cacao and continually stir until it is all melted together with the milk

6. Once it has combined, you can pour straight to your cup and add the edible flowers and sweeten if you'd like

7. Head to the space you set up before preparing the cacao. Again you could cleanse the area, or light some incense or a candle. Stay present and enjoy your ceremonial cacao


Hope you all liked this quick and super simple recipe ! If you'd like to grab some ceremonial cacao for yourself - I have been loving the one featured in this video by cell squared. ( note this was gifted )

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