The Lavender & Co. Vision


From Sarah; owner of Lavender & Co. Botanicals.

While I'm still a student naturopath my goal is to introduce more people to the world of natural health and wellness, share with you my knowledge and perhaps inspire you to take action with your health. My focus is on not only feeling the best you can, but also looking your best self. I want to help you glow from the inside - out, through botanical medicines, nutrition and lifestyle practices. If you're curious about Naturopathy, or what looking and feeling your best self is - come in for an appointment at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (Melbourne) Wellness Clinic. You can book directly through me, or call the college and ask for an appointment with Sarah. 




Lavender and Co. Botanicals - a collection of hand blended, boutique teas. Created with the intention of simple daily wellness practices in mind. 

Each tea blend has a unique purpose, and intended benefit. Glow is for the health of the skin; Vital for promoting a strong immune system; Moon Cycles for supporting a woman’s reproductive system; Calm for instilling serenity and to promote sleep; and Cleanse is for the health of the liver, and to help one cope with stress. Whole herb parts are used for each blend, for maximum benefit and synergy of the herbs. 

Ingredients Promise

Every botanical blend contains only certified organic herbs. This is important because tea is steeped, in order to extract all the healing constituents - if pesticides and other harmful chemicals were present they may also be extracted into your little cup of goodness. You can be assured that each sip you take from your L & Co. tea is free from these chemicals, and contains only pure organic herb parts.

Our teas are also free from:


artificial colours 

artificial flavours